Yoga Room Vision Board

This post is not sponsored by any of these products/companies.

There’s a lot going on in the world with stress hitting us from all ends, god knows it’s been a messy year. I’ve struggled with a lot of stress, anxiety and depression since my early teens so having a space to unwind, relax and clear my head is detrimental. Since I have a spare bedroom in my apartment I’ve decided to make it into a yoga/meditation room.

For the room itself I was thinking of having something simple and calming. These are some ideas and inspirations that I have in mind.

A bringt, simple “awake” vibe.
Sunset inspired room with deep calming vibes.
More lounge materials in the corner of the room.

When you’re planning a yoga/meditation room it’s best to have some ideas of essential items that you might want to invest in.

These are some of the essential items I found would best fit my needs.

Yoga mat from obviously a good yoga mat is on the list of essentials, the yoga mat I want is 8mm thick to help with the cozy pillowy feeling of the room.

Tibetan singing bowls from this is something I’ve wanted for some time now, the bowls produce deep, ambient sounds and vibrations. Add some flowers and water for some extra beautiful visuals.

Philips hue from Elko. So the plan with putting philips hue color lighting is to be able to adjust the lighting according the mood I’m in. These lights can make the room very versatile. For an example when you wake up and want to do some morning yoga, you can adjust the lighting in the room to bring out bright and vibrant colours. In the evenings you might want to adjust them to have an orangey/sunset undertones, or even pick a deep blue for that ambient “under the sea” feeling.

At the moment the apartment is under a lot of construction but I will be posting updates and before and after pictures of the yoga room.

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