Skincare Game-Changers

This post is not sponsored by any of these products/companies.

Skincare is complicated with a long list of steps and a growing list of new and improved products that may or may not work for you.
It’s important to have your basics down before anything else. You’ve got your cleansers, exfoliators, moisturizers, and sunscreens. When you have that down you can add in more complex products like your essences, serums, oils, toners, and much more.
It’s been an uphill battle to find what works for my skin as my skin is very acne-prone and oily to the point where you could probably deep-fry calamari on my forehead on a hot summer day.
My skincare routine hasn’t been enough to fight off the wrath of my skin, so I’ve added a couple of items that have completely changed my skin;

1. The Ordinary Peeling Solution. This is an AHA and BHA blend which is a chemical exfoliator. This product is excellent for peeling away dead skin cells to reduce clogged pores and acne deep within the skin. This product has been a game-changer for the texture of my skin and overall wellness. Be careful with this one since the solution is very strong, so follow the instructions carefully

2. Drunk Elephant Slaai Makeup Melting Butter. This one is a banger and does everything an oil cleanser is supposed to do, melt away the day’s worth of makeup and sunscreen, even the pesky eyeliner my other cleansers struggle to remove.

3. The NIACINAMIDE 10% + ZINC 1% serum is one of those serums you need to give some time to work, cuz girl it WORKS! This product has reduced my oil production from being ready to deep-fry god knows what to a dewy healthy amount of oily. I’ve also noticed an improvement in skin texture on top of fading my dark spots. Don’t sleep on this one.

4. ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40. This is essentially sunscreen with light coverage. I’m impressed by its strength and the natural coverage it delivers, without compromising your SPF needs. This product is a mineral sunscreen with the active ingredients of Zinc Oxide. I always recommend mineral sunscreen over chemical as it’s better for the skin and coral reefs.

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